English Year 1

24 March 2011

0730 – 0830 a.m.

Year  1   [17 pupils]


Language Arts

World of Knowledge

Dilly Duck’s Doughnut

Learning Standard
4.2.1 Able to demonstrate skill handling books appropriately.

Learning Objectives       
: By the end of the lesson the pupils will be able to                         
i) read the story in front of the class with teacher’s guidance
ii) make a cover of the story

Teaching Steps
1. Teacher shows the picture of the story to the pupils.
2. They talk about the picture.
3. Teacher picks up the pupils randomly to read the story in front of the class with teacher’s  guidance.
4. Pupils read the story in their textbook and they handle their textbook well while reading.
5. Pupils then read the story again in group.
6. Teacher shows them how to make the cover of the story using the colouring pages.
7. Pupils then do their cover.

Teaching Aids  
Textbooks, colouring pages, colour pencils

Moral Values
Be honest

Overall the lesson was quite interesting. The pupils enjoyed the lesson and they were able to read the story with the teacher’s guidance. They were having fun too doing the cover of the story. They had fun colouring.

The lesson was interesting. 5 out of 17 students could read the story with a little bit of help from the teacher. Another 5 pupils were able to read the story with the teacher’s guidance.

7 out of 17 pupils were not able to read the story clearly. They still tight up with their mother tongue. The rest of the pupils were starting to get uneasy because waiting for their friends to finish reading their story.

To overcome the weaknesses I have to deal with the weak student by drilling them in many ways so that they will be able to catch up with their other friends. I will ask them to read the story line by line. Besides reading, I will ask them to do some crossword puzzle. These are what I am going to do in the next lesson.